Play Free Piano Online

If you are looking to learn to Play Piano Online, this is an article that can help you on your learning path.


On the internet there is a lot of information on how to Play Piano but here I will show you some tips to follow a certain path in your choice of Learning Piano.


You can learn to play Piano online, following many tips on how to learn this instrument.


The best thing is that you can learn these aspects and that you can transfer it to your physical and non-virtual instrument (keyboard applications on your cell phone).



There are applications in the cell phones of virtual keyboards but I do not recommend it more than to "play".


To learn to Play Piano you need to have your piano or keyboard at home and thus develop coordination skills, mobility and technique on the instrument. In some piano lessons , you will already be familiar with the basic concepts that will facilitate your learning of the piano.


You can develop these aspects little by little, while you enjoy learning to play easy songs. But with virtual keyboards, it is very limited since you cannot touch even with both hands.

There is a program called Synthesis and I do not recommend it at all.


At the beginning this program may seem like a game but I do not recommend it to learn to play piano since it only develops the sense of observation and the person can in the long run refuse to learn aspects of music in general avoiding progress at his level of mastery. Of the instrument.


The best thing is to be able to see tutorials, to learn by ear, to discover the notes of the favorite songs in the instrument.Know aspects of musical theory easy and step by step.


  • Practice daily to develop skills
  • Read easy scores so you can have fluency and mastery of reading music and that allows you to play scores of the music you like.